Nativity Drive for Needy Families

With the Blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion every year the ROCOR Mission in Pakistan distributed rations and warms clothes among widows and the needy orthodox families and small gifts to orthodox children to share happiness, joy and blessings of Christmas. This year again with the blessings of God we wish to repeat this event again.

We are asking for any of you who can help during this time to donate to the Mission so we can bring light to those poor and oppressed Orthodox families in Sarghoda.


Donate to the Mission

Funds are distributed from the ROCOR Fund For Assistance and directly distributed to the mission

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1 thought on “Nativity Drive for Needy Families

  1. Hello my orthodox brothers .
    We are the” United orthodox brotherhood ” we would like to help you with any assistance you can see us on Facebook we are Australia based please let me know what you think you need to help out.

    Kind regards
    Zac Gabriel

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